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The Name: Amy Rose

+ Is the character named after you (this includes your first, middle, and last names, and any nicknames or online names you use)? [20 points]
     + Is the character's name an unusual spelling of a more common word or name? [3 points]
Nope~ Amy is a very common name.
(Japanese language has it as Emi because of the way they build their words using previously made character. They do it for the sound: not for the spelling)
     + Is the character's name a noun or adjective not normally used as a name? [2 points]
+2 for last name (As according to first question)

     + Does the character's name contain unnecessary hyphens, apostrophes, or other punctuation? (e.g. M'chelle, Gloria-Angelica, etc.) [4 points]
Nuh uh ~

    + Does the character have more than one first, middle, or last name, without reason? [3 points]
Nope. She doesn't even HAVE a middle name… weird.

    + Does the character have a name you really, really like? [1 point]
               + Is it Raven? [3 points]
               + Is it a variation of Raven? [1 point]
               + Is it Hunter? [5 points]

Um… no. Not really XD   Amy is a general name… hmm…
+ Does the character's name describe her/his personality? (e.g. Tristan means sad, Darcy means dark, Charity means charity, etc.) [1 point]
Well yeah: Amy actually means "Beloved" which hold into her crush on Sonic. XD Rose is also a very romantic name usually connotating with Beauty.
     + Is the character's name unlikely or highly unusual in relation to the time or place where she/he lives or grew up? [1 point]
Not really. Amy is so common XD
     . + Does the character have a nickname or pseudonym? [1 point]
             + Is it a "dangerous" nickname (e.g. Death Dealer, Crimson Fury, etc.)? [3 points]

Heh. Rosy Rascal :D
    + Is the character's name foreign, even though the character isn't? [1 point]
           + Is it an Asian name? [2 points]

Nope ~ American~~

   + Does the character have a name or nickname that corresponds to a mythological/literary/historical/etc. figure (e.g. Venus, Faustus, Bonaparte)? [1 point]
So far: + 4 Point.

       + Does the character appear to be much younger than she/he really is? [3 points]
               [Add only 1 point if the character is immortal.]

?? Not really :O She's 12… she actually looks a bit older.
     + Is the character highly attractive? [3 points]
               [Add only 1 point if the character has to work hard to maintain her/his physical beauty.]

Hmm… she seems to be of average beauty to me… I remember her dressing up in Sonic X… but then she had to work to get Sonic's frozen reaction XD so I'll give her a point. +1
     + Are one or more other characters attracted to her/him? [1 point]
LMAO? Not that we know of in canon… the relationship is always shown as one sided, and Sonic never comments on her looks. And no other characters seem attracted to her v__v
     + Even though they are involved with someone else? [1 point]
See above
     + In defiance of sexual orientation? [4 points]
See Above the above.
    + Is an otherwise chaste or stoic character immediately attracted to her/him? [3 points]</b>
?? Hmmm… as a Shadamy fan I would LOOOOVE to say Shadow… but it's never been confirmed if anyone actually is attracted to her .___.; And even I think that the hug scene didn't show much of Shadow being attracted than surprised… so no. Even I know the line between canon and fanon XD
    + Does the character have an unusual eye color, or otherwise exceptional eyes? [3 points]
               + And are these eyes a color that does not occur in nature? [1 point]
               + And will they have something to do with the plot? [2 points]

Not really: Sonic has green eyes too XD

    + Does the character have eyes that somehow "reflect hidden depths or experience or sorrow"? [4 points]
Not that I know of :O
+ Does the character have an appearance unsuited to the time or place (e.g. perfect hair prior to the invention of shampoo, a woman wearing pants in 1805, etc.)? [3 points]
Not really <___<; It's a little red dress. I think it's very common actually.
  + Does the character get a disproportionate amount of physical description compared to the rest of the characters? [2 points]
Nah: They usually just have Amy show up out the random. They never talk about her looks…
    + Does the character have unusual or exceptional hair, or does her/his hair get a disproportionate amount of description compared to that of the other characters? [3 points]
Nope. Her hair is short, and it's just THERE. It doesn't get much notice.
+ Is the character a fashion plate (this applies to any style of dress, from preppie to goth to Western to Elvish, and so on)? [2 points]
? No? Her dress if pretty common… although I think Go-Go boots would be so fly >DDD
+ Does the character dress in a manner you find particularly attractive, sexy, or cool? [1 point]
?? Not particularly. I usually like drawing girls in skirts… and sexy in my definition would be closer to Rouge's look than Amy :O            
+ Even though it's illogical for the character to dress this way (for monetary reasons, for instance, or because it interferes with her/his job)? [3 points]
Nah. Girls wear dresses. And boots are pretty in style (Ugg boots anyone??)
  + Is the character ever described as "thin enough to be anorexic," where this is intended as a compliment? [1 point]
Again I say:

     [Subtract 3 points if the character is over 20 and appears much older than she/he really is.]

     [Subtract 3 points if the character is overweight for the full duration of the story. "Buxom" does not count.]

She DOES look older than 12 to me… I have 12-13 year old sisters…  and they don't seems to look as old as she does to me :/
So far: + 2

   + Does the character have a clone or identical twin? [7 points]
               [Add only 1 point if there are a large number of clones in your story, and your character is neither the original nor above average in prowess.]

OMG!! Archie's Rosy Rascal :D although they ALL have evil twins… + 1

     + Is the character of above average intelligence? [1 point]
               + Is she/he a genius? [1 point]

HAHHAHH!!! Helll no. :D
She's a complete ditz and an air head XD

     + Is the character related to royalty or nobility? [4 points]

ACTUALLY yess :D Rob'O' Hedge<3333333 +4

+ Is the character rich or well-to-do, although she/he doesn't work? [1 point]

Hmmmm Rich? I really don't know… Rob is royalty… and we do see her going shopping several times… in Sonic X she event got herself an apartment. I'll assume so then. +1
      + Is the character heir to a large fortune? [1 point]
It doesn't look like it: everything was lost when Robotinik took over Mercia from what we've been told. And she's never show to have gotten a large fortune…
                + The sole heir? [1 point]</sub>
She's hardly and heir if she has nothing ._____.;

     + Is the character the last surviving member of a family/clan/race/species/etc.? [2 points]

Rob'O' kills this one.

     + Was the character ever the sole survivor of a calamity? [4 points]

Nah: Rob again.
  + Was the character ever estranged from her/his family/tribe/country/etc.? [1 point]

+ Was the character ever forcibly banished from her/his family/tribe/country/etc.? [3 points]

Well. When Robotnik took over Mercia? Yeah.

     + Does the character have amnesia? [4 points]
               + And does she/he still retain a trinket of some kind from her/his past? [4 points]
               [Subtract 3 points if the character never remembers any of what she/he has forgotten.]

     + Is the character a minority, a woman, or a member of a lower caste, who succeeds or makes a contribution in spite of her/his social disadvantage? [3 points]

Herm… is she ever considered to have made a big contribution? I suppose so~
And she's a little girl. So I'lll give her this point. +3

     + Does the character have an angsty childhood, or an angsty past? [1 point]
               + And does she/he angst about it during the story? (Angsting does not necessarily include simply relating events to an interested third party.) [2 points]

Although we don't talk too much about her past: it never looks like she's miserable… But I'll giver her one for loosing her parents and stuff in Archie.

     + Does the character have angst in the present? [1 point]
     + Was the character an illegitimate birth? [1 point]

Nope to both.

     + Was the character ever abducted? [1 point]

Plenty of times :D

     + Was the character abandoned by her/his caregivers? [2 points]

?? Not really.. they were taken away.

     + Was the character born into slavery, or forced into slavery or prostitution? [1 point]

     + Was the character born/raised in extreme poverty? [1 point]

     + Did the character run away from home (for more than just a few days)? [1 point]

     + Did the character ever suffer physical or emotional abuse [2 points]

     + Did the character ever suffer sexual abuse [2 points]
               [Add another point if it was rape.]
               [Add another point if it was incest.]

No for all those from what I know.

     + Does the character feel guilty about something terrible that happened in the past? [1 point]
               + Even despite overwhelming evidence that it wasn't her/his fault? [2 points]

Nah. Amy doesn't feel guilt XD (Embarrassment maybe… but never guilt… hmmmm)

     + Does the character consider her/his beauty/talent/skill/etc. a curse? [3 points]
Nah XD I don't THINK she has XD
[Subtract 2 points if the character is a protagonist but ever freely, willingly, and knowingly worked for the villain/evil regime.]

She's never worked for the other side…

So far: 17 Points
    More on Character

     + Is the character unusually accomplished for her/his age/species/etc.? [2 points]

What accomplishments has she made…:
She's not unusually so… even in Archie where she makes it to the FF… so many people have done it before…

     + Is the character fluent in more than two languages? [1 point]
               + More than four languages? [2 points]

Hmm…. They all speak the same language. So not really.

     + Has the character traveled extensively? [1 point]

     + Does the character collect things you consider intellectual or cultured? [1 point]

I don't think so…

     + Does the character have a faithful pet or animal familiar? [1 point]
               + That isn't a dog, cat, horse, or bird? [3 points]

LOL! Not really…

     + Is the character educated despite living in a time or place where education is not widespread? [2 points][Ignore these points if the character is a scribe, monk, priest, scholar, etc.]

We saw her go to school in Archie… but it's assumed that education is widespread in the game universe. So no.

     + Is the character consistently irreverent or radical, without repercussions? [1 point]

Hmm… she IS radical.. but she DOES get repercussion: things just don't go her way.

     + Does the character ever easily learn a difficult skill (e.g. learn to play guitar in a matter of weeks)? [3 points]

Not that I know of….

     + Does the character have an amazing singing voice? [1 point]

Not that we know of.

     [Subtract 3 points if the character has ever fairly lost in any kind of duel, fight, or competition against someone of equal or lesser ability, and the winner was not the character's rival.]

Actually… yeah. Rosy Rascal <____<;

     + Does the character play a musical instrument well? [1 point]
               + Is it guitar? [1 point]
               + Bass? [1 point]
               + Violin? [1 point]
               + Piano? [1 point]

Not that we know of.

     + Does the character use a katana or any other Asian weapon [1 point]
               + Despite being of non-Asian heritage? [3 points]

Nah :D

     + Does the character "just know things"? [5 points]

Oh God… not that I know of >___<;

     + Does the character have an accent relative to her/his country of residence? [1 point]
XD No?

     + Does the character have a major quirk or habit in common with you? [2 points]

<_< Not with ME.

     + Does the character have a physical handicap that does not hinder her/him significantly? [6 points]

     [Subtract 4 points if the character is significantly physically handicapped.]

     [Subtract 10 points if the character is significantly mentally handicapped.]

Hm.. not really.

     + Do animals or children instinctively like the character? [3 points]

Animals: yeah. Kids?? Ermm I think sooo.

     [Subtract 1 point if the character is a smoker.]
     [Subtract 2 points if the character has a dependency or addiction that is or would be very hard to break (e.g. alcoholism, drugs, gambling, sex addiction, etc.)]
               [Subtract another point if the character never overcomes this vice.]
     [Subtract 2 points if the character has a significant personality flaw (e.g. she/he is a spoiled brat, is horribly judgmental or biased, is irrationally violent, is naive and easily manipulated, etc.)] -2
               [Subtract another point if these flaws persist until the character's death, OR subtract another 2 points if these flaws persist beyond the end of the story.]
               [Subtract another 2 points if these flaws get the character in serious trouble (e.g. she/he gets fired, gets killed, gets someone else hurt, etc.)] -2

Irrationally violent sometimes. Quick tempered etc. The results: there are many. Just look at Sonic X

     + Does the character have a special birthmark or other marking? [4 points]

Hmm…  No.

     + Does the character have a physical "flaw" that does not actually detract from her/his beauty (e.g. lips too full, white strip in hair, etc.)? [2 points]

XD Nah.
     + Does the character have wings (this counts even if she/he is an angel, only has wings sometimes, can't fly, etc.) [10 points]


     [Subtract 1 point for each of the following that applies to the character:
               She/he remains in a committed relationship for the full duration of your story.
               She/he has a child or children for the greater part of your story.
               She/he does not learn from major mistakes.
               She/he has very little or no empathy for other people.
               She/he is selfishly manipulative or sadistic (e.g. threatens self-harm, lies, blackmails, etc. in order to get her/his way).]

Never learns from major mistakes.  -1     

So far: 13 added 1, lost 5.
    Work and Play

     + Is the character astonishingly good at something that is not her/his profession? [1 point]

Cooking? Although she DID learn from a professional… +1
     + Does the character have any particular skill at which she/he the best or among the best? [2 points]
               + And is she/he widely knows for this skill? [2 points]

Not really… Cream and Cosmo were also cooks… and she isn't widely known for cooking either…

     + Does the character have any particular area of study/information/etc. in which she/he is the most knowledgeable or among the most knowledgeable? [2 points]
               + And is she/he widely known for having this knowledge? [2 points]

Hmm… She doesn't really study anything… sad…

     + Is the character the sole or last practitioner of a particular martial art or magic? [3 points]

Tarrot cards~ (Although we don't know if there are any others who do it) and her Hammer.

     + Is the character one of only two practitioners of a particular martial art or magic, in a master/student relationship? [3 points]
               + Does the other practitioner die during the course of the story? [2 points]

Not that we know of.

     + Does the character hold your job? [2 points]
     + Does the character hold your dream job? [3 points]

Not at all.

     + Is the character a female in a role not suited for women in the place/time period (e.g. a female cop before 1900, a female soldier in the US army before 1970, etc.)? [5 points]
     + Is the character a male in a role not suited for men in the place/time period (e.g. a male geisha, a coy young seamstress boy, etc.)? [5 points]
Nah. A girl following her crush is a stereotype… and it's to common these days.

     + Is the character a secret agent? [1 point]
               + A double agent? [2 points]
               + And wears high heels or leather? [5 points]
I Loled :D But no.

     Is the character, or was she/he ever... (add points for all that apply)
               + A model? [1 point]
               + A rock star? [2 points]
               + A stage actress/actor? [1 point]
               + A film actress/actor? [2 points]
               + A dancer? [2 points]
               + A cop? [1 point]
               + A ninja? [2 points]
               + A pirate? [2 points]
               + An alchemist? [1 point]
               + A bounty hunter? [2 points]
               + A mercenary? [1 point]
               + An assassin? [1 point]
               + A thief or pickpocket? [2 points]
               + An outlaw or member of organized crime? [2 points]
               + A diviner? [1 point]
               + A hero? [2 points] +2
               + A starving artist? [2 points]
               + A freelance writer? [1 point]
               + A freelance reporter? [1 point]
               + An explorer? [2 points]
               + A pro-athlete? [1 point]
               + A gymnast? [1 point] +1

Hero and Gymnast from Olympics. +3

    [If your character exists in an otherwise normal universe, add 2 points to her/his score for *each* of the following abilities that your character possesses (with or without the aid of charms, spells, etc.). If, however, possession of these abilities is considered normal in your character's universe, add only 1 point each.]
               + Teleportation
               + Telepathy
               + Telekinesis
               + Pyrokinesis
               + Prophecy
               + Healing
               + Animal communication
               + Empathy
               + Shapeshifting abilities
               + Invisibility
               + Invulnerability
               + Flight
               + The ability to pass through matter
               + General magic or sorcery +1
               + Time travel
               + Transdimensional travel or communication
               + Photographic memory
               + The ability to see auras
               + Summoning +1
               + Power of seduction
               + The ability to shrug off minor wounds
               + The ability to kill people with her/his bare hands
               + Super strength or speed
               + Skill in martial arts or hand-to-hand combat
               + Sharp-shooting
               + Sleight of hand
               + Computer hacking

I counted 2 general magic and summoning. =2

     + Does the character share more than one of your hobbies or interests? [1 point]
               + And is she/he better at these hobbies or more knowledgeable about these interests than you are? [2 points]
     + Does the character have the same taste in music as you have? [1 point]
               + In books? [1 point]
               + In movies? [1 point]
               [Add another 5 points if you said yes to all three.]

Well… cooking is a maybe? +1

     + Does the character have what you consider better or more refined taste than you have in music? [1 point]
               + In books? [1 point]
               + In movies? [1 point]
     + Does the character have the same religious or spiritual beliefs as you? [2 points]
               [Subtract 3 points if her/his beliefs are radically different from yours for the full duration of the story.]

So far: 23
    Immortals, Gods, Fay, etc.

     (This section only applies if your character is immortal, or of a species other than human.)

     + Is the character a vampire? [5 points]
     + Is the character an elf? [5 points]
     + Is the character a shinigami? [5 points]
     + Is the an angel or fallen angel? [10 points]
     + Is the character old, even by the standards of her/his race? [3 points]
     + Is the character exceptionally powerful, even by the standards of her/his race? [3 points]
     + Is the character exceptionally beautiful, even by the standards of her/his race? [3 points]
     + Was the character present at more than one earthly historical event? [5 points] (5)
               + Because she/he instigated it? [3 points]

Counted 5 for being there whenever Sonic saves the day XD

     + Was the character ever the inspiration for classical art, poetry, etc. (e.g. she was the Mona Lisa, or Shakespeare wrote a sonnet for her)? [8 points]

Not that I know of.

     + Is the character the only immortal or non-human in the story? [3 points]
     + Was the character made immortal, etc., by divine intervention? [1 point]
     + Is the character a crossbreed of species (e.g. half-vampire, half-demon, etc.)? [2 points]
               [Subtract 3 points if one of these species is goblin, slime monster, etc.]
               + And does the she/he have the benefits of both species? [3 points]
               + And the drawbacks of neither? [5 points]
               [Subtract 3 points if the character has no benefits from either species.] -3

It doesn't look like she's a cross breed.

     + Does the character angst about being immortal? [2 points]
     + Does the character angst about being a vampire or fallen angel? [3 points]

     Nope for either.
So far: 28

    High School Hmm Does this section count? Nah.
Ignore it all!

     (This section only applies if your character is currently attending high school or middle school.)
     + Is your character an outcast or rebel? [2 points]
     + Is your character top of her/his class? [2 points]
     + Is the character president or head of a school organization or group (e.g. head cheerleader, first-chair violin, editor of the school paper, class president, etc.) [2 points]
     + Is the character on a sports team? [1 point]
               + Is she/he the team captain? [1 point]
               + The star player? [1 point]
               + From her/his very first time playing? [3 points]
     + Is the character in the play? [1 point]
               + Does she/he have the lead role? [1 point]
               + Despite having never been in drama class before? [2 points]
     + Does the character give the winning or star performance in a school event (e.g. battle of the bands, debate, a sports game, a spelling bee)? [1 point]
               + Is this success totally unexpected? [2 points]
     + Is the character bullied for her/his sexual orientation, skin color, intelligence, poverty/wealth, looks, clothes, background, etc.? [2 points]
               + Is it because the bullies are jealous? [3 points]
               + Do the bullies eventually see the error of their ways, or else receive some form of retribution? [2 points]
     + Does the character ever beat up more than two bullies at the same time? [5 points]
     + Is the character part of a clique that you consider cool (e.g. goths, punks, ravers, skaters, etc.)? [2 points]
               + And does the character actually refer to her/himself as a part of said clique? [3 points]
     + Does the character rap? [1 point]
     + Is the character in a band (not including a school band or orchestra)? [1 point]
               + Is she/he the lead singer? [2 points]
               + Does she/he write all the band's songs? [2 points]
               + Is the band good enough to go professional? [2 points]
     + Does the character have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is out of high school? [4 points]
     + Does the character keep a notebook of poetry? [1 point]
               + Is the poetry "good enough to be published"? [3 points]
               + Does a love interest find this poetry book and begin to understand the character? [5 points]
               + Or does an antagonist find this poetry book and use it against the character? [4 points]
               + Do any poems written by the character actually appear in your story? [1 point]
               + Does the poetry contain any of the following words: crimson, soul, darkness, love, vampire, glass, moonlight, serpent, rose, dance, winter, flame, cold, goddess, blood, angel, star, forever? [1 point per word, because dude, what are you doing actually writing your character's angsty-teen poetry?]
     + Does the character have her/his own credit card and/or large amounts of disposable income? [2 points]
     + Do the character's parents have a special or glamorous job of which the character reaps the benefits (e.g. her/his parents design video games, so she/he gets games before they are officially released)? [3 points]
     + Does the character have a tattoo or body piercing? [1 point]
     + Does the character frequently get drunk or do drugs without repercussions? [1 point]
     + Does the character use Japanese words in conversation, although she/he does not live in Japan? [2 points]
     + Does the character talk about anime frequently or have lots of anime clothes, collectibles, etc.? [1 point]
               + Does the character have a pet named after an anime character? [1 point]
               + Does the character draw really well in the anime style? [1 point]

Still 28
    The Plot

     + Has everyone significant heard of the character? [2 points]

Significant? Hmm… they DO end up meeting her I guess.

     + Do all of the important characters end up liking/respecting/fearing her/him? [3 points]
               + Did they all like/respect/fear her/him from the beginning? [1 point]
               [Subtract 2 points if everyone liked the character at first, but ends up disliking her/him by the end of the story.]
     [Subtract 1 point if the character's problems continue after the end of your story without hope of respite (i.e. she/he neither dies nor gets a happy ending).]

Hardly! Nobody really cares either way it seems.

     + Is the character repeatedly rivalled by the same person? [3 points]

Nobody really…. Hmmm…

     + Is your character a member of The Resistance or a band of freedom fighters? [1 point]
               + Is your character the leader or a lieutenant of The Resistance or a band of freedom fighters? [2 points]

+1 She finally made it there.

     + Does the character suffer punishment for a crime she/he did not commit? [2 points]


     [Subtract 2 points if your character ever willfully commits rape or murder.]
     [Subtract another 2 points if the character goes to prison for the crime.]


     + Does the character reform a villainous character? [3 points]
               + And does the villain become evil again after the character dies or leaves, but retain some last vestige of goodness from his/her interaction with the character? [2 points]

<__< Yes for 1. Not sure for 2.

     + Does the character fall in (reciprocated) love with, or have sex with, a character you would like to fall in love with or have sex with? [3 points]
     + Is the character someone you would like to fall in love with or have sex with? [3 points]


     + Does the character effect a major change in her/his love interest to make said love interest a more appropriate partner? [3 points]
     + Has the character ever been nursed back to health from serious injuries by a warm, kind, and loving person? [3 points]
               + Was this person the character's love interest? [2 points]
Not for any of these x____x; Which fails in a way.

     + Does the character die a romantic death (e.g. suicide, execution, battle wounds, broken heart, etc.)? [2 points]
     + Does the character die in her/his beloved's arms? [3 points]
     + Does the character's beloved die in her/his arms? [3 points]
     + Does the character sacrifice her/himself for love, or so that two other characters can be together? [4 points]

She aint dead. XD

     + Have you ever written a fight scene in which you described with needless extravagance everything your character did? [2 points]

Nah. They just let Amy go on and suddenly she's beaten the villain. Otherwise they don't pay attention to her XD
               + Was this scene inspired by a movie, show, or game? [2 points]
               + Did you actually reference the movie, show, or game (e.g. "He jumped up and hung in the air, like Neo in The Matrix"? [15 points]
So far: 34 points XD

    Your Character and You
From SEGA and Ian's POV.

     + Do you draw the character, or ask other people to draw her/him for you, more often than any of your other characters? [2 points]
     + Did you base the character on your favorite previously existing character or person? [4 points]
     + Is the character someone you would want to be friends with, assuming she/he would be receptive to friendship with you? [1 point]
     + Would you be very surprised if someone did not like the character? [1 point]
     + Do you take any negative feedback about the character as a personal affront? [4 points]
     + Is the character a mouthpiece for your own beliefs or views? [3 points]
     + Do you have a character journal for her/him? [4 points]
     + Do you ever wish you could be like the character? [4 points]

Hmm. I tried seeing if any of these would fit but… the writers don't seem surprised by the hatred she gets…  and nobody really wants to be her unless they just want Sonic .--.
And they also don't seem to like drawing her either T^T;

       Finished? All right, tally up your points. Here are the scores:

                0-10 points: The Anti-Sue. Your character is the very antithesis of a Mary-Sue. Why are you even taking this test?

             11-20 points: The Non-Sue. Your character is a well-developed, balanced person, and is almost certainly not a Mary Sue. Congratulations!

             21-35 points: Borderline-Sue. Your character is cutting it close, and you may want to work on the details a bit, but you're well on your way to having a lovely original character. Good work.

             36-55 points: Mary-Sue. Your character needs some work in order to be believable. But despair not; you should still be able to salvage her with a little effort. Don't give up.

             56-70 points: Über-Sue. You've got one hell of a Mary-Sue on your hands here, and it's not going to be easy to set things right. But do your best. There may be hope for you yet.

             71 point or more: Irredeemable-Sue. You're going to have to start over, my friend. I know you want to keep writing, but no. Just no.

Okay: And Amy Rose's Grand Score WASSSSSS: *drumroll*


Added +2 Archery, +6 Mouth piece, and +1 for being a best Archerer.

<____<<<<< Seriously??? I thought the romance thing was going to cost her more, as well as her being the one to change Shadow and e-123…
But I suppose she isn't covered that much as a character in terms of background and how she actually plays in the universe >___<;
How sad.
I'm try Rouge next :D
And Blaze~
(Maybe even Sonic XDDD)
Did this becasue people were bawwing so much about Sally.
SINCE you wanna go there.

Feel free to tell me anything I got wrong, but seriously: just watch when I get flack for this although I actually was lookign for points 9____9. Sigh.

HOW the heck did this chick get only effing 34??
Wouldn't the whole changing villains and being a love interest actually cost her more??

But as I say in the test itself even when she's shown she isn't give that much background of focus on character development...
she barley ever has any thing with the plot itself... sigh.
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Blazingrainbows Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017
I got 34 for her. :)
sonbreezie Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Student Filmographer
How about Amy of Amy, Sally, and Mina?
Sp1d3rgirl07 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, on the 'just know things' thingy...what about her 'girlish intuition'? XD
KrissyBKillin Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Ermmmmm True :D [Actually I will add that]
Sp1d3rgirl07 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, is it just me or is Amy slightly more of a Sue than thought? Unless this test isn't very accurate. I took the 'ultimate worldwide Mary-Sue test' instead :D
uladmizzvamp Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is true
coolblue22 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
I'm kinda surprised that she got up that high! XD
But then again, she helped bring to characters to the good side. Hmmm, would Gamma going kinda bad in Sonic Battle count? (he was reprogrammed to be that way, though)
TheHumbleFellow Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
I dread to think what would happen if Shadow went through this test. XD
KrissyBKillin Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
OH BOY~ He'll be a doosey >D
LadyJane6374 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I think if you took ANY sonic character or anime one and used this test on them, it's most of the time gonna come out as mary-sue.
(You should try that :D)
KrissyBKillin Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Character ARE supposed to be as powerful as possible to look good for the audience I understand: but I think that the creators should make an effort to balance them with faults as well to make them realistic.
LadyJane6374 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Well I personally believe that a "mary-sue" is:
- The character who takes up most of the spotlight. (Or as much as the main)
- The character that doesn't have enough flaws to balance out their positives.
- The character who receives the most recognition then the others, and is almost always given praise.
- The character who has to look good in every which way.
- The character who...most of the time whenever does wrong (if it does). Is never confronted by others, is right when wrong...
- Gets all the good stuff, all the good endings, all the respect, etc. making things look biased for the other characters.
Basically. I think that a mary-sue character is...a boring character.
Because you can't constantly give positive adjustment to ones own character,the pos. and neg. has to balance like yin-yang. If not they'll look...bland...boring...annoying...
KrissyBKillin Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
:D I agreed with a lot of that actually: I think that a character is amde a mary-sue when the author wants you to like it so much that they don't give attention to the other characters of god-mods that one.

:D So yeah!
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
She should get an extra 2 points because she leads the Freedom Fighters in the Fleetway comics when Sonic is trapped in the Special Zone... actually, if we're counting Fleetway, she should get even more than that for the whole thing where the editor (for part of the run) wanted her to be a flawless role-model for girls (+6 for mouthpiece, demanding the writers and artists feature her more, and being surprised that one of the writers hated the character change and eventually refused to write her), and she seems to be the only competent archer on the planet (not sure if that would be +1 or +2 as other characters could be archers if they wanted, we just never see any... and she does try to teach Tails as one point), she humiliated Robotnik during her "secret origin" in issue 127... hmm, not sure off the top of my head what else would get points :hmm:
KrissyBKillin Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
:O Okay: I never read Fleetway so sorry XDD
and Rob o in Archie is an rcherer, so I'll add the pint.
Thank you much ^^
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
Not your fault :hug:
Oh, she never has her family mentioned in the Fleetway version ;)
You're welcome :hug:
KrissyBKillin Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
AH: True. Rob is from Archie :D
I was trying to sorta merge all the continuities to be fair ^^;
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
It can be a bit confusing to do that sometimes ;)
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